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Call today...  the fishing has been outstanding this spring!
The Blackfoot River is one of our favorites in terms of sheer beauty to row and fish.  If you've ever seen "A River Runs Through It" and wondered where they were, this is the place!  It's a relatively narrow river by Montana standards, and you're in a pretty tight valley most of the time with thick green pine forests on each side.  It's simply a gorgeous place to spend some time.  The Blackfoot gets a good bit of boat traffic from recreational floaters and fisherman from Missoula, yet 30 miles of it are somewhat protected through the creation of the "Blackfoot River Recreation Corridor".  Private landowners and the FWP created this agreement which has helped provide access to the river while limiting it's use.  Before and after run-off, the Blackfoot runs gin clear, which always makes for fun sight casting on occasion.  Bull Trout inhabit these waters, which is a good indicator of the health of the Blackfoot as a fishery, as they're a very pollution sensitive species.

Browns and Rainbows are plentiful on the Blackfoot, and offer anglers a chance to some pretty good sized trout.  There's also a chance to catch a Westslope Cutthroat on a big dry. The Blackfoot has much of the same insect action as other local rivers, offering good dry fly fishing in Spring with Skwalas and Grey Drakes.  Late June and July bring an intense Salmonfly hatch, and is probably the best time to hit the Blackfoot if you can.  It's often hard to time this hatch since it's dependent on weather, but if you get it right, you're pumped.  

Late summer provides similar opportunities for excellent dry fly fishing as many of the other rivers in the state.  Caddis, Mayflies, some Stoneflies, and of course our old friends the Grasshoppers make their appearance when it gets nice and warm in August.  Fly fishing the Blackfoot this time of year is just plain awesome.  You get the fun and beauty of the float, the warmth of the August sun, a chance to cool off in the clear Blackfoot water, and trout rising to big bugs!  It doesn't get much better!