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Call today...  the fishing has been outstanding this spring!
The Clark Fork River gets going in the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area and picks up steam on it's way west toward Missoula.  Several feeder creeks dump into the Clark Fork, changing it's size from about spring creek size to a hundred yards wide or so near Missoula.  This stretch is where Rock Creek and the Blackfoot River dump in, and where we tend to target our float trips.  

Fly fishing around this area generally begins with the Salmonfly hatch toward the end of May.  Great dry fly action can be found at this time, and depending on water clarity from runoff, it can be EXCELLENT fishing.  After runoff, Green Drakes are in abundance on the Clark Fork, which again offers great dry fly opportunities as well as productive fishing with standard nymphs like Hare's Ears and Prince Nymphs.

When the Salmon Flies, Stoneflies, and Green Drakes slow down, it usually means it's about hopper time on the Clark Fork.  You can throw just about any foam grasshopper imitation and have success.  Fly fishing with big hoppers on the Clark Fork isn't terribly difficult to do, and it's a hell of a lot of fun!

There are many boat ramps in the area which make it easy for guides to pick the river stretch that's fishing well.  Check out the photo below from a fly fishing float trip on the Clark Fork in 2006.  It's a beautiful river, and a great option when the bugs and weather are co-operating!